First, Do No Harm

How I came to depend on myself for healing and treating my family, and how you can too

Terri Hill

3/5/20235 min read

Hippocrates famously said, “If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.” Thirty years ago, that quote would not have meant anything to me as I had no interest in being my own doctor or investing time and energy into understanding the connection between true health, the western medical industry, Big Pharma and the government.

Then, in 2003 our youngest son received heavy metal poisoning from our pediatrician giving him double vaccines. (They administered 12 month and 18 month vaccines at the same time.) Before this, I had never questioned a physician’s intelligence or integrity. I never doubted their knowledge or sincerity of having our children’s best interests at heart. Our son changed virtually overnight. He couldn’t make eye contact, was hyper sensitive to everything including light, sounds, fabrics and tastes. It didn’t matter how many times I took him back to the pediatrician begging for help or guidance as to what went wrong, I was met with obstinate denial. They insisted he had always been that way and I just hadn’t noticed it until now. They wanted me to think I was crazy, lazy and a negligent mother.

It took six years, countless appointments at specialists all over the United States, overnight stays in hospitals for extended testing and endless evaluations, until one physician had the guts to test his urine, blood and stool and discovered exceptionally high levels of metal toxicity. And not just any metal, but the specific metals they use as preservatives in vaccines. We finally had an answer, but the cure would take a bit longer. There was months of detox protocols with certain foods, followed by extensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and eye therapy to correct all the damage done by the poisoning.

During this time I started a giant three ring binder and kept track of every visit and every recommendation for treatment. I learned to cook with different ingredients I had not even heard of before and when our health insurance only covered six physical therapy sessions every two months and my son needed therapy five days a week, I went to workshops and learned how to do it myself. Never again would I be so naive to blindly trust what someone told me. I had to educate myself and be the first line of defense for my family against a system that only saw them as a billable entity, and not a human being. I took a horrible situation and turned it into the greatest learning opportunity of my entire life.

Over the next 20 years, I made it my mission to make sure we would never be a victim of Big Pharma ever again. I learned the healing power of certain foods, I learned how to use homeopathy and herbs. I learned breathing techniques for lowering blood pressure, helping one fall asleep and how to stop an anxiety attack. I learned how the human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself if given the opportunity.

Flash forward to 2020 and the Covid hysteria. In all honesty, I never once was scared, afraid or believed for one second that this “pandemic” was as deadly as they stated. I had spent the last two decades educating myself on previous “pandemics” and the actual causes, the wholly inappropriate hold Big Pharma has on our federal, state and local governments and how the FDA is completely compromised and can not be trusted on the safety and efficiency of anything they endorse or approve. I was no longer their obedient customer. I had been successfully treating my own family and many friends with homeopathy and herbs for decades. I understood the human immune system and fear never set in.

I understand and respect that there are different opinions and viewpoints on Covid. Everyone is absolutely entitled to think what they believe to be true and this post is not about that topic. However, one thing I have noticed is how many people who did trust physicians, the government and pharmaceutical companies before, no longer have faith in them. They want to become more self sufficient in their own health care. They want to educate themselves on how to care for and treat their children and family at home. They are desperate for safe treatments and for natural treatments with no side effects.

I am not a physician. I am a mom, a grandmother, a daughter, a sister and an aunt. But, I have spent the last twenty years learning what works and what every home medicine cabinet should have in it. If you are interested in adding some of these things to your home kit, I have included links below.

Please note, listed below are truly the most basic and beginner suggestions. I will share more about my healthy living journey and becoming more medically self sufficient in the future.

(Note: Some of the links in my posts are affiliate links, which means if you click one of these links and purchase something, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.)

Kyolic Formula 103 is a wonderful immune booster. This is very first thing I always recommend to anyone. Before we travel, we start taking this a week prior then during our vacation as well. If a family member came down with a cold, flu or stomach bug, everyone else would start taking Kyolic 103 to help prevent it from spreading. In addition, when anyone was sick they took double doses of Kyolic until symptoms subsided. Regardless of what other remedies they were given, Kyolic 103 was always administered. This supplement is so important and vital at our home that I typically keep 3 bottles on hand. It has proven itself to be a consistent winner year after year.

Homeopathy can seem overwhelming at first, but I assure you that it’s not. There are several amazing reference books that make it very easy to learn how to use the remedies and there are also homeopathy starter kits which make it very cost effective to begin implementing. This one from RXHomeo is the best I have found lately. It comes with large remedy vials that will last you a long time, a great plastic case to store them and a remedy finder book as well.

If you have already been using homeopathy and have the traditional round vials the size of a lip balm tube, I recommend this case to store them in. I was keeping mine in a shoe box for years until I discovered this artist marker case held them perfectly and allowed me to keep them organized alphabetically.

This book, Homeopathic Remedies by Asa Hershoff, is my absolute go to homeopathy remedy book. I cannot live without it.

It is not my intention to constantly suggest items for you to purchase and often I will write and there will not be any links to anything, just my thoughts or observations on things. However, I intend in the coming weeks and months, I will also share my favorite medicinal teas, how to use Manuka honey, various herbal supplements and other items I recommend. If there is anything you would specifically like to see me cover, please use the contact me form on the home page and I’ll add it to the list. However, I will never link to anything I do not personally use and whole heartedly recommend.

clear glass jar lot on shelf
clear glass jar lot on shelf